Spring Break 2013!



Can’t wait to blog about our magical trip to Florida and my little princess meeting the gals!!!!Disney!


Kitchen Table Makeover!

I am so EXCITED to finally have my little kitchen table all done with a fresh coat of lovely tiffany blue! My Honey is super sweet! He will help me with any project no matter what crazy color I decide to slap on it! He did the sanding and prepping and I did the painting! I am tickled with how it turned out and now I am ready to paint the ugly brown mismatched chairs! Our next project is our laundry room! I cannot wait to get started on that bad boy!

(While Chris was sanding Kolbie and I got some fun side walk chalk drawing in)
table 01







table 02






table 03









table 04






table 05








table 06






table 07

14 days of LOVE! – day 1

I decided to use the month of February to find 14 things that make my life wonderful. Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. Even before I officially had a “Valentine” it was my favorite. I love what it stands for, the candy, the colors, and most of all my honey! I pray that I never take Chris for granted or his unconditional love. He is mine and I am his.

Day 1: Today I love my husband!

He makes me ME. He totally gets what I am about and loves me for it. He is kind, empathetic, honest, devoted, and loyal. I have loved him since the moment I heard his voice at Ron’s in Stillwater. We will celebrate our 10 wedding anniversary this year and I am stoked! The saying, “it just gets better and better” could not be more true. I am thankful for our family and I am so excited for this year and many more to come. I will never forget the day he asked me to be his wife. What a freaking honor. Today I celebrate you sweetheart. For all you are, for all you do. I love you.

Chris and Katie at the waterfall




Kolbie got a new bike for Christmas and I must say it was the perfect gift for her! We have spent hours outside riding back and forth in front of the house. The first few times she figured out how to pick up some speed she would make the most joyful face as she raced by. I had to grab my camera and catch her in action. Oh how this is quickly becoming one of my favorite pictures of her. She is so full of life and everyday is full of wonderful smiles, giggles and LOVE. Gerby you are crazy awesome!
kolbie bike weeeee softly

A place where I can vent, brag about my kids and post cool stuff!

So I wanted to start a personal blog to share with close friends and family and a place where I didn’t have to worry about how many pictures I post of my kids and my super glamorous life…Bwhahahaha!

So let’s get started….here we are honey and I!

We have been trying to loose weight since the beginning of August and so for Chris has lost 30lbs and I have lost 20lbs. Now if we can just keep going!
Chris and Katie